In the rich folklore of the Philippines, tales of witchcraft and supernatural beings have long held a place of intrigue and fear. Among the various types of witches, the Mambabarang stands out as one of the most feared and malevolent. Known for their ability to inflict harm and manipulate dark forces, Mambabarangs are deeply entrenched in the beliefs and superstitions of Filipino culture. In this article, we delve into the darkest facts about Mambabarang, revealing the chilling aspects of their craft and shedding light on the eerie world of Filipino witchcraft.

1. In Philippine Culture, the Mambabarang is a Witch Known for Her Practice of Dark Magic

In recognition of the variety of names used in the Philippines, the witch known as the Mambabarang is also known as Mamalarang. Someone who has mastered a number of abilities and skills in order to employ magic is referred to as a sorcerer or witch. The phrase "Mambabarang" is derived from the word "barang." Manog hiwit, a Hiligaynon noun that was also rendered as kulam, is another example of a synonym. In the Filipino language, cursing is known as sumpa, and the phrase verbing implies "to place a hex."

2. The Mambabarang is a Variant of The Mangkukulam, Both Being Types of Filipino Witches With Similar Characteristics

A Mambabarang can exact revenge on someone if they are jealous of them by sending spirits or insects into the victim's body. The Mambabarang are a subset of Mangkukulam-like Filipino witches who exact revenge using voodoo dolls. Legend has it that Mambabarang are common people with black magic who torture their victims before killing them by infesting them with insects. In contrast to Mangkukulam, Mambabarang is notorious for inflicting suffering, disease, or even death upon their chosen victims.

They believe that by tying the bugs and worms with a piece of hair from their victim, they will succeed in their mission. The victim quickly feels the desired effect once they pierce an insect. The agonizing experience frequently involves things like physical disease or death.

3. Beetles Serve as The Mambabarang's Ultimate Weapon in Their Dark Practices

The mambabarang thinks that because beetles are such an important source of food, they should be given a caring home. She always cares for them by carefully feeding them ginger while keeping them in a bottle or a piece of bamboo.

4. The Mambabarang Possesses The Ability to Use Black Magic, Commanding Bugs to Seek Out and Harm Their Intended Victim

The practitioner (dark mage) performs a ritual by first praying to identify the victim before using her dark art expertise to perform the ritual. Then she would whisper instructions and direct the bugs to their intended destination. The insects are usually then let go to scour the area for a victim. Once they've located someone, they can then enter the body through any opening, including the mouth, eardrums, anus, and open wounds.

According to the location that was invaded, the victim of an insect assault will experience the following symptoms as a result of the aggression: Hemorrhoids for exposure through the anus and earaches for exposure through the ears are a couple of examples of potential situations. It's not a typical disease. The disease's symptoms will get more severe and resistant to conventional therapies, which will result in the victim's death. When the sufferer passes away, flying insects will eventually emerge from the body cavities. Even the most common ailments and disorders are still attributed to some sort of "barang" in the minds of superstitious people.

5. They Might Spread Diseases by Their Witchcraft That No Medication Can Treat

In some Philippine areas, herbalists or faith healers who rely on traditional medicines like "mananambal" and sorhuana to treat patients are used to treat specific illnesses. Traditional healing techniques are frequently employed in remote provincial areas to solve health-related issues, and patients totally rely on such a professional for care. Unfortunately, the available medical treatments are ineffective for illnesses brought on by Mambabarang witchcraft.

6. A Mambarang Might Possess More Evil Powers Than A Regular Witch, So Beware Of Her

A mambabarang is undoubtedly strong. Compared to witches, mambabarang is far more powerful. Fear is a strong motivator, for starters. A witch won't even recognize you if she doesn't want to hurt you. Only if the witch learns who you are and what you want to do to them may they harm you. However, if you become aware of a mambabarang in your area, they have the ability to harm you with only the touch of their possessions.

One of the most potent witches in the Philippines is called the Mambabarang. A Mambabarang is capable of using an incredible range of magical and paranormal skills. Once you are aware of what she is capable of, it is easy to believe. She possesses the very potent capacity to implant objects both inside his own body and inside the bodies of other individuals.

7. Evil Spirits Are Released Into the Bodies of Bugs by A Mambabarang With Pamaham

A mambabarang uses a Pamaham, a little bottle or joint with a spider, a centipede, and a roach within it, in one sort of barang. Pamahams are commonly constructed of bamboo. The "insects" that the mambabarang collected were not actually insects, but rather evil spirits. They will occasionally resemble insects, but by ingesting or crushing them with their saliva, they can enter a person's body and completely devastate it.

The insects must be fed before the Pamaham is about to be utilized, so it's crucial that she does so before using the Pamaham. When it's prepared, it might be utilized to produce a magical effect or for spiritual purposes. It can be utilized in a wide variety of ways.

8. She is Also Capable of Killing Her Victim Without Coming Into Direct Contact With the Body Using a Doll & a Pamaham

Another strategy for defeating an adversary involves the usage of a doll in which the adversary's personal items have been placed, and chanting is started all around the doll in an effort to injure the adversary's spirit. Then she would direct the insects to attack the doll inside the Pamaham after finding it there. In contrast, the doll is now a disguised opponent of Mambabarang rather than just a doll.

The doll's head and body are thoroughly penetrated by the insects, who cause far more harm than in a typical attack. The insects will not only penetrate the doll deeply, but they will also carry on within the victim's body at a much deeper level. The person will thereafter be in shock to the core. Red, scorching areas will appear on the skin of the victims. The victim will then suddenly develop boils all over their body, some of which may grow enormously quickly and rupture, releasing bugs. The enemy's entire body will be infested until it is healed by a strong Mangagamot or another Mambabarang.

This is an additional technique to catch the victim. The technique is to take one bug, use its leg to form a loop, and attach it to a white thread. Then it will be released by the mambabarang. Then it will travel to the victim's house, where it will discover them sleeping and approach closely enough to consume them. An insect's task has been completed if it returns carrying the red thread. The mission was a failure, nevertheless, if they returned with a black thread!

9. Most Mambabarangs are Evil, and There are Very Few Good Mambabarangs

It is understandable that after reading those that are written aloft, you could conclude that barang is undesirable or evil. Years of conflict between the Philippines and the Spanish have led to their desire to reintroduce tactics that were employed against them. Unfortunately, the majority of the techniques are seen negatively and serve only to undermine the defense. You may see The Oppressors, who utilized it before it was employed against the Spaniards. Sadly, too, many have started abusing their authority. Even while they should be utilizing it to aid others and obtain justice for grievances, some also use it against their brothers and demand money when someone wants to exact revenge. It indicates that some people have gone beyond this and demand payment when carrying out a spiteful mission, such as killing someone. Of course, this is disgusting and awful.

10. They Have the Ability to Produce Thunder, Rain, and Change Other Natural Phenomena.

That's correct; there are various kinds of barangs, and each one offers a unique kind of magic, including excellent forms. Because they possess inherent healing abilities and a great deal of power, mambabarangs have the ability to heal the ill and drive away demons. Although the causes of these frequent indications of magical activity are still unknown to the majority, at least one thing can be inferred from them: They have the power to bring about unfavorable outcomes such as thunder, rain, and the ripening of fields.


The world of Mambabarangs, the most evil Filipino witches, is a realm shrouded in darkness, mystery, and superstition. The chilling facts surrounding their practices, from dark magic to produce thunder, rain, and change other natural phenomena, evoke a sense of fear and fascination. These tales reflect the deeply ingrained beliefs and cultural traditions of the Filipino people, emphasizing the ongoing battle between good and evil. Whether viewed as mythical creatures or manifestations of human malice, the legends of Mambabarangs serve as cautionary tales, reminding us of the importance of morality, unity, and the preservation of light in the face of darkness.

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